Tailored study design

We're always up for a good challenge!

Science-Metrix undertakes many studies based on established specifications, but we also excel at developing custom study designs tailored to a client’s unique objectives, mandate, data sources and budget. We provide analytical and practical expertise to support evaluation and performance measurement efforts for all types of S&T, R&D and innovation activities.

If you wish to evaluate a program or assess policy or funding outcomes but don’t have the necessary in-house technical expertise to determine the best path forward, we can help. For example, we have successfully implemented several methods, such as econometric modelling, to resolve the question of attribution in establishing a causal link between a given funding source and outcomes. Similarly, if you wish to measure or assess a novel aspect of the research landscape, we can work with you to design cutting-edge yet robust methodologies and indicators to achieve your study goals.

Our vast experience in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of S&T research programs and policies means we can tailor your study’s scope and methodologies, as well as the indicators employed, to best answer your study questions or fulfil your objectives or mandate.

We can develop or refine evaluation frameworks, performance measurement plans and logic models, formulate evaluation questions, design customized indicators and determine the most appropriate methodologies and data sources.

Past examples of our tailored study design are linked below. Contact us to discuss how we can help you customize your S&T or R&D study.

Example projects