Indicator and tool development

We're always working at the frontiers of bibliometric research.

At Science-Metrix, we have developed many new indicators in house, based on client needs or our observations of gaps in the field, and we constantly refine our indicators and methodologies in response to industry developments and our own exacting standards.

We have developed new indicators for measuring scientific impact, open access publications, multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity, research related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, emerging fields of science and the uptake of science in policy, to name but a few. We are also highly experienced in developing and testing complex composite indicators and reporting on their strengths and limitations. In the course of one large-scale project, we also developed and refined a journal-based classification of science, which we now use in almost all our projects, further details here.

We help analysts, policymakers and advisors develop customized metrics and studies to assess and demonstrate S&T impacts and trends. Past examples of our customized indicator development are linked below.

Email us to discuss your particular assessment, evaluation or policy outcome needs and how we can design a suite of indicators to answer your study questions.

Example projects