Summary report—Evolution of open access policies and availability, 1996–2013

Client: European Commission

Published: April 2014

Since the pioneering years of OA in the early nineties, OA literature has come to occupy an increasing share of scholarly research across geographical regions and scientific disciplines. In response to what many perceive to be a dysfunctional system, individual researchers, libraries, universities, research funders, and governments have become incentivized to join the campaign for OA. Though only a few years ago research suggested that OA growth was modest, the present set of studies conducted by Science-Metrix for the European Commission provides undeniable evidence that the OA movement is disruptive and that OA is traversing the scientific, technical and medical publishing industry with the speed and force of a tsunami.

This report presents a summary of this series of studies. It examines the current state of the art of OA strategies to peer-review publications (Part I), followed by a state-of-the-art analysis of OA strategies to scientific data (Part II). A third part of the study performs an assessment of the proportion and the number of OA papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

See the report here [PDF].