Proportion of open access papers published in peer-reviewed journals at the European and world levels—1996–2013

Client: European Commission

Published: April 2014

Authors: Archambault, É., Amyot, D., Deschamps, P., Nicol, A., Provencher, F., Rebout, L., and Roberge, G.

This study report assesses the free availability of scholarly publications during the 1996 to 2013 period. It is the largest scale measurement of open access availability performed to date: a sample of a quarter of a million records was used to study the historical evolution of open access (OA) between 1996 and 2013 and a larger, one-million-record sample was used to perform an in-depth assessment of the proportion and scientific impact of OA between 2008 and 2013 in different types of OA, for different scientific fields of knowledge, and for 44 countries, the EU-28, the ERA, and the world.

See the report here [PDF].

Image credit: iStock Photo