Global Ocean Science Report

Client: UNESCO

Published: June 2017

“The Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR) assesses for the first time the status and trends in ocean science capacity around the world. The report offers a global record of who, how, and where ocean science is conducted: generating knowledge, helping to protect ocean health, and empowering society to support sustainable ocean management in the framework of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

The GOSR identifies and quantifies the key elements of ocean science at the national, regional and global scales, including workforce, infrastructure and publications. This is the first collective attempt to systematically highlight opportunities as well as capacity gaps  to advance international collaboration in ocean science and technology. This report is a resource for policy makers, academics and other stakeholders seeking to harness the potential of ocean science to address global challenges.” — UNESCO

Science-Metrix was contracted by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO to provide quantitative data on scientific output in the field of ocean science. The data were then included in the GOSR. Science-Metrix presented an analysis of worldwide scientific literature output in ocean science over the period 2010–2014. Using the Web of Science by Thomson Reuters as the main data source, bibliometric data were produced on ocean science as a whole and for eight subfields (or pillars) of ocean science.

See the report here [PDF]

Image credit: iStock Photo and UNESCO