The Fonds de recherche du Québec collaborate with Science-Metrix to conduct a survey on the impact of research conducted in Quebec

Published on February 5 2013

A new survey, led by the three Fonds de recherche du Québec in association with Science-Metrix, aims to highlight the value of research conducted in Québec across all domains and fields, including its relevance and its importance for society.

This survey will also help identify high-impact research projects and initiatives across the province. Subject to acceptance from survey respondents, selected projects will be examined in more detail using short interviews. This information will later be drafted into summaries to help illustrate the rich variety of benefits that stem from research conducted in Québec.

Survey participants will include research directors and other individuals involved in the management of research within research centres, units and/or groups, as well as research chairholders.

This survey is part of a larger study, "L'état de la recherche au Québec", which was recently launched by all three research funds. This review of the state of research in Québec will include a variety of indicators on research capacity (e.g., human and financial resources), its outputs (e.g., publications) and its tangible impacts on society, which will be highlighted and illustrated through non-technical, accessible summaries. With this project, which should be released online in May, the Fonds de recherche seek to reach a wide audience, including potential research users, business communities, the political, educational and health sectors, as well as students and the general public.

On behalf of all three Fonds de recherche du Québec and of the Chief Scientist of Québec, Science-Metrix invites the valuable collaboration of the research community in the completion of this short survey, to thus ensure the success of this important project.