Science-Metrix works with the Société de gestion de la Banque de titres de langue française

Published on December 1 2012

The Société de gestion de la BTLF (Banque de titres de langue française) recently mandated Science-Metrix to carry out a study characterizing their Gaspard database. The Société is a non-profit organization that aims to create and implement bibliographic databases for booksellers and librarians. The Gaspar database provides information on the sales of French-language books in Canada. This information is used not only to better manage book inventories, but also for best practices, communication and marketing.

Science-Metrix conducted a series of tests on the Gaspar database in order to determine whether the data it contains constitute a representative sample of the total sales. To do so, we developed a method to estimate the margin of error on total sales across 20 categories of books and for the best-selling titles. This information was provided to the Société de gestion de la BTLF to help them assess the Canadian French-language book market