Science-Metrix wins 3-year contract to prepare key indicators in research and innovation for the European Commission

Published on February 22 2018

Science-Metrix has been awarded a 3-year contract with the European Commission for the study Provision and analysis of key indicators in research and innovation. This major award marks the second time the company has been contracted to undertake this brief. 

The study entails collecting and updating bibliometric, patent, intellectual property (IP) and altmetric data, as well as developing and collecting new data on business innovation based on big data approaches. Further objectives include developing tools to identify scientific fields and key technology domains, and collecting new data on scientific output deriving from EU-funded programs. The resulting data sets will be used to provide insight into the scientific and technological outputs of 56 countries, as well as groups of countries and regions, including in specific science and technology domains. 

The bibliometric, patent, IP and business innovation data, as well as specialization patterns for countries, will feed into the evidence-based monitoring system of the European Commission. In this regard, Science-Metrix will be the provider of choice for these statistics for both the European Union and the United States. The study results will underpin analyses presented in the biennial Science, Research and Innovation Performance Report, the annual European Innovation Scoreboard (formerly the Innovation Union Scoreboard), and the biennial Regional Innovation Scoreboard. They will therefore be instrumental in assessing the progress of the European Union and the countries of the European Research Area in science, technology and innovation.

For this study, Science-Metrix is proud to once again partner with the Lithuania-based Public Policy and Management Institute (PPMI). Science-Metrix will manage the overall project and perform all bibliometric and patent analyses, and PPMI will develop the big data approach for data collection and indicator production relating to innovation activities of enterprises.

The study team looks forward to developing novel R&I indicators—those for trademarks & designs and those using data mining—and looks forward to again providing data and expertise to help inform R&I policy in Europe.


Image: iStock Photo