Science-Metrix sheds new light on astronomy & astrophysics research

Published on August 8 2011

[PDF] - Available for download

Science-Metrix is pleased to release a bibliometric study on astronomy and astrophysics research, providing an important source of information to address research performance questions for this field in Canada. The 2010 study, conducted for the National Research Council Canada, provides evidence that will help answer the following questions:

  • What is Canada’s ranking among leading countries in astronomy and astrophysics research?
  • Is astronomy and astrophysics research a strength for Canada relative to a set of comparable and/or related disciplines?
  • What is Canada’s position within the international collaboration network in this field?
  • Are Canadian astronomy researchers in this field collaborating with world leaders?

This report presents a large variety of statistics to answer these questions. Here are some key findings of the report:

  • Canada was ranked 10th in terms of scientific production in astronomy and astrophysics research, but 5th in scientific output relative to the scientific workforce (1998-2009).
  • Among leading countries, Canada is second only to Switzerland in terms of the scientific impact of its astronomy and astrophysics papers, and ranks first for the quality of journals in which its researchers publish.
  • Among leading countries, a multicriteria analysis places Canada in 5th position in astronomy and astrophysics research.
  • The University of Toronto is the leading Canadian organization based on scientific production in this field.

Download the report

  • Performance and Impact of Canadian Research in Astronomy & Astrophysics: A Bibliometric Analysis [1998-2009] (2010)
    National Research Council Canada (NRC)

    [PDF] - Study Report