Science-Metrix Launches the Second Public Release of its Multilingual Journal Classification

Published on August 8 2011

Science-Metrix is proud to announce the release of the second version of its multilingual journal classification. This classification is a key part of its ‘Ontology of Science’, a freely available set of tools that allows users from around the world to explore the classification of over 15,000 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Since the launch of the first version in December 2010, a number of enhancements have been made to the classification. Over 26 international experts have voluntarily contributed translations for the three-level ontology, and the addition of Korean and Persian translations in the new version brings the number of available languages to 20. The update also incorporates data on electronic ISSN (ESSN), and noted errors have been corrected, duplicates removed and journal assignments fine-tuned.

The ontology was developed by assigning journals from the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) and Scopus (Elsevier) databases to the most representative scientific fields using algorithmic subject designation followed by manual fine-tuning. The ultimate goal was to create a scheme that is representative of the structure of modern science by ensuring, to the extent possible, the coverage of both traditional and emerging areas of scientific inquiry, the range of arts and humanities disciplines, and the inclusion of multidisciplinary journals.

Science-Metrix encourages the use of these tools in any research, education and librarianship endeavours. Furthermore, feedback is considered essential to the continued improvement of the classification and is always welcome.

Click here to to access the Journal Classification