Science-Metrix examines current neuroscience research for Campus Alberta Neuroscience

Published on July 1 2013

Science-Metrix recently assessed neuroscience research in Alberta, Canada and the world through an in-depth bibliometric analysis conducted for Campus Alberta Neuroscience. This analysis examined publication and collaboration trends at the national, provincial, municipal and author level within Alberta, Canada and across research organisations worldwide.

The report provides Campus Alberta Neuroscience with important information on the current state of neuroscience research in Alberta and in Canada more broadly. It will also help to plan future research priorities by identifying dynamic topics as well as niches of excellence in Alberta.

For example, Science-Metrix found that Canada is not only highly specialised in the neuroscience field but is also cited far above the world average in this area. Meanwhile, Alberta is performing well at the national and international levels but efforts will be needed to maintain its position.  The study recommends specialisation in certain areas where Albertan institutions perform well in terms of scientific impact.

Campus Alberta Neuroscience is a network of neuroscientists established in 2012 with funding from the Province of Alberta. It aims to establish Alberta as a centre of excellence in neuroscience research and education by supporting collaboration between the universities of Alberta, Calgary and Lethbridge and by attracting leading scientists from the international community. Campus Alberta Neuroscience covers all areas of neuroscience, from early brain development to Alzheimer’s and from foundational biological to clinical research and therapeutic applications.

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