Science-Metrix contributes to a new report on the state of Canadian science and technology

Published on November 1 2012

A new report on the state of science and technology (S&T) in Canada finds that the nation’s scientific output and impact is growing. In the last five years, Canada produced 59% more peer-reviewed papers than in the previous five, and was the only G7 country with an increase above the world average.

Industry Canada requested that the Canadian Council of Academies (CCA) update and expand analyses on this topic from a prior 2006 assessment report. In support of this work, the CCA mandated Science-Metrix to produce bibliometric and technometric data that would report on the state of S&T in Canada and abroad. Science-Metrix prepared timeline measures of the quantity, specialisation, quality and impact of research and innovation performed by G7 countries, with a particular emphasis on Canada and its provinces.

To access the CCA report, please use the following link:

[HTML] – Information on this CCA assessment

[PDF] – Full report