Science-Metrix commences update study on scientific production in Africa for AOSTI

Published on October 23 2015

Science-Metrix has been mandated by the African Observatory of Science, Technology and Innovation (AOSTI) to prepare an update of the bibliometric study the company performed for AOSTI in 2012. The previous study was an assessment of the state of science and technology in the African Union, and aimed to determine the African Union’s science, technology and innovation strengths and weaknesses by investigating scientific literary output—primarily publications in scientific journals and patents data—for Africa as a whole and on an individual country level. 

The update study will focus on the period 2008–2013 and will present separate results for African production as a whole, and for the West African region (ECOWAS). It will also focus solely on scientific literature, without presenting any patent analysis. When combined with Science-Metrix’s previous study covering the 2005–2010 period, the update will enable the analysis of scientific production trends in Africa from 2005 to 2013.

As per the original study, this bibliometric update will cover the following aspects.

For Africa as a whole:

  • Scientific output in the African Union (including output/capita, growth, trends and scientific impact, overall, by REC and by countries)
  • Scientific production per domain (including analysis of performance and specialisation by country and REC)
  • Scientific collaboration at the African and international levels
  • Characteristics of the 500 most active scientists (output, specialisation, impact, collaboration)

For the specific Regional Economic Community (REC) of ECOWAS:

  • Scientific output in the ECOWAS
  • Scientific production per domain
  • Scientific collaboration at the ECOWAS and international levels
  • Characteristics of the 200 most active scientists
  • Characteristics of the 20 most active institutions in the ECOWAS
  • Positional analysis for the 15 member states of the ECOWAS

Science-Metrix looks forward to presenting the preliminary findings of the study to AOSTI by the end of 2015, with the final report to be delivered early in the New Year.

Read the previous AOSTI report.

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