Science-Metrix celebrates official launch of the 1science suite of products

Published on October 27 2015

Science-Metrix's sister company, 1science, has officially launched its suite of products, which provide an integrated solution for academic institutions to drastically increase the uptake of open access.

After two years of product development, Dr. Eric Archambault, President and CEO of 1science and Science-Metrix, says: “1science is set to become a major disruptor in the scholarly, scientific and technical publishing industry, with our comprehensive suite of products for open access quickly gaining interest in academic libraries.”

The 1science Library OA Solution includes three innovative first-to-market products: oaFindr, a seamless tool to retrieve all ​open access scholarly papers in every discipline; oaFoldr, an innovative virtual repository software; and oaFigr, independent reports providing OA statistics. Academic libraries will benefit from lower journal subscription costs, insight into subscriptions management and an increase in the visibility of their universities' scholarly production.

Dr. Archambault adds, “We have developed an integrated solution for open access to enable academic institutions to analyze their journal subscriptions and provide them with a reliable, precise search and discovery tool to retrieve all open access articles. This solution will also help them comply with governmental open access mandates, and support them in rapidly increasing the diffusion of their institutions’ scholarly production in a manner that is much less labour-intensive.”

The idea for 1science occurred to Dr. Archambault in the course of performing a bibliometric contract for the European Commission. He realized that previous estimates largely underestimated the availability of openly accessible peer-reviewed scientific papers. Whereas previous measurements by the scientific community claimed that only a quarter of these papers were available in open access form, the technology developed by the Science-Metrix team revealed the actual availability was twice that amount. Dr. Archambault felt that having more than 50% of these papers available for free was a tipping point in the scientific, technical and medical publishing industry.

1science recently ​signed its first contract, with the library of ​Polytechnique Montréal. "The Polytechnique library is proud to partner with 1science and benefit from its sense of innovation and understanding of the challenges of scholarly communications,” says Sylvain Meunier, Library Director, Polytechnique Montréal. “This is the beginning of a collaboration that will allow us to offer a wide range of resources to our students and professors, while reducing costs and contributing to an ever greater access to knowledge through open access.”

The 1science solution is available now to all academic institutions worldwide. To find out more, visit

1science is officially launching in the US at the Charleston Library Conference on November 4, 2015. 

Image: Dr. Eric Archambault speaking at the launch, courtesy of 1science.