Science-Metrix and Diana Hicks launch new blog:

Published on July 22 2016

Science-Metrix and Dr. Diana Hicks have partnered to launch a new blog. is focused on the nitty gritty of bibliometric indicator development and methodology, as well as issues surrounding the science–policy interface, open access publication and the use of metrics for research evaluation.

Dr. Hicks is a Professor at the School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, and in 2015 was first author on the benchmark set of research metrics principles known as The Leiden Manifesto. As editor of the ScienceMetrics blog, Dr. Hicks is looking forward to analyzing our bibliometrics team’s groundbreaking indicator developments and presenting them in an approachable format. She notes, “In this blog, Science-Metrix and I are collaborating to highlight tidbits of interesting new analyses in a much shorter and, I hope, more accessible way. Having said that, we are data geeks and this blog is aimed at fellow data geeks.”

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