PRIMA Québec releases Science-Metrix’s bibliometric study report on advanced materials research

Published on June 3 2020

PRIMA Québec has released a report it commissioned from Science-Metrix on Advanced Materials Research in Canada and Québec. This report aims to establish both Canada’s and Quebec’s position in advanced materials research over the 2003–2017 period. It provides bibliometric and technometric data at the national and provincial levels for the broad field of advanced materials research, as well as technometric data over 15 key areas of research defined by PRIMA Québec (see the full list below).

Using Elsevier’s Scopus and the European Patent Office’s PATSTAT databases, Science-Metrix built high-quality custom publications and patents data sets for each research area of interest. These data sets were used to calculate bibliometric and technometric indicators enabling the positioning of Québec relative to the other Canadian provinces as well as Canada relative to the world. Technometric data relative to the international flow of intellectual property were also produced, and at times could identify specific companies driving this flow. Science-Metrix has also provided PRIMA Québec with additional data on the top inventors and patent applicants at the national and provincial levels for each of the selected 15 key areas of advanced materials research.

The technometric study examined the following key advanced materials research areas:

  • 3D printing
  • Advanced metals
  • Composite materials, ceramics and polymers
  • Flexible and/or printable electronics
  • Metamaterials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Optical systems
  • Semiconductors and electronic components
  • Surface treatment
  • Advanced materials addressing environment issues
  • Advanced materials for the transport sector
  • Advanced materials for the energy sector
  • Advanced materials for the construction sector
  • Advanced materials for the mining sector
  • Instruments used to characterize advanced materials

Read the report (available in French only)