New study: Research impact of paywalled versus open access papers

Published on August 4 2016

Science-Metrix and 1science have just completed a study of 3.3 million scholarly papers to assess the citation advantage of open access (OA) papers compared to those published in traditional subscription-based journals. The largest study of its kind yet conducted, its findings include that OA papers are 52% more highly cited than those only available behind the paywall of a traditional subscription-based academic journal, and that green OA publishing is the most impactful research communication strategy overall, ahead of gold OA and paywalled papers.

Eric Archambault, President and CEO of Science-Metrix and 1science, states, “This study pretty much closes the debate on the argument of whether or not open access papers have a greater impact. By examining more than 3 million papers, from very diverse sources of citations and over a sufficiently long time, and considering close to 35 million citations, it is the most robust study to date.”

Read the details in full at 1science.