Major Projects Management Office Initiative: Public Release of the Evaluation Report

Published on July 1 2012

The report on the Evaluation of the Major Projects Management Office Initiative (MPMOI) – a project conducted by Science-Metrix for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) – is now available online. The MPMOI is a horizontal initiative spanning 8 federal departments and agencies. It aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the federal regulatory review system for major resource projects in such a way that ensures careful consideration of environmental protection and Aboriginal consultation obligations, as well as enhances the competitiveness of Canada’s resource industries.

Science-Metrix was involved in this evaluation project starting with the evaluation assessment stage. Working with NRCan, we designed an extensive and complex approach that addressed both the horizontal, multi-department/agency nature of the MPMOI, as well as the requirement to evaluate several issues relating to the relevance and the performance of the Initiative.

The evaluation drew on multiple lines of evidence, including a document and file review, stakeholder interviews, case studies, and a comparative analysis involving international jurisdictions. A total of 105 interviews were conducted across these methods.

The evidence collected for this evaluation clearly demonstrated a continued need for the MPMOI, as well as strong alignment with government priorities, roles and responsibilities. While recognizing a number of recent improvements related to the Initiative, this evaluation concluded that there is a need to ensure that the federal government continues to address the ongoing system-wide issues and capacity constraints within the federal regulatory system for major resource projects.

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  • Evaluation of the Major Projects Management Office Initiative (MPMOI)
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