Evaluation Services offers clients capacity building ATLAS.ti training

Published on March 24 2017

The Science-Metrix Evaluation Services team has extensive experience in the use of ATLAS.ti software for qualitative analysis. This experience has been developed under the guidance of VP, Evaluation Services Werner Meier, a certified ATLAS.ti trainer. The team recently provided a successful collaborative training program to a client’s evaluation team and is pleased to now offer this service to other clients to help them build capacity in their evaluations.

In late 2016, Science-Metrix Senior Evaluator Dr. Sherri Bisset travelled to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, to deliver two weeks of ATLAS.ti training to 16 staff members from the African Development Bank’s evaluation division, IDEV. The workshop was instigated by an IDEV Division Manager who wanted to motivate her team to improve the quality of their evaluations. She recognized ATLAS.ti to be an effective tool to improve the reliability, transparency and replicability of IDEV’s evaluation findings. Workshop participants demonstrated a keen interest in integrating ATLAS.ti into their analytic procedures.

Science-Metrix is now conducting a third evaluation for the Bank, and the training IDEV staff received facilitates a collaborative evaluation model, which in turn supports ongoing capacity building for the client. Science-Metrix sees great possibility for assisting other clients to build capacity through similarly customized training packages.

Mr. Meier has been a long-time advocate of the use of qualitative data analysis (QDA) software in evaluations and states that “the use of QDA software should be considered a best practice given that our program evaluation standards place considerable importance on making explicit the methods and tools used for information management, data analysis and evaluation reasoning. The linkages between data sources, evidential data, findings and conclusions can be easily demonstrated and verified should the need arise. More rigorous and replicable qualitative data analysis is essential to producing evidence-based evaluations to inform policymaking and management decisions.”     

Science-Metrix is able to offer flexible ATLAS.ti training options for clients and evaluators, including the following:

  • Workshops and tailored training sessions for client evaluation teams
  • Capacity building for clients through ongoing training and support during an evaluation
  • Collaboration with other evaluation organizations who would like to use ATLAS.ti in qualitative evaluations
  • Evaluation-specific training for users with some knowledge of ATLAS.ti


For further details, please contact Werner Meier, VP, Evaluation Services.


About ATLAS.ti

ATLAS.ti is a software platform for qualitative research and data analysis. It has superior capacity for team collaboration on multi-user projects and can be used for qualitative data analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. In the context of evaluations, it can be used to conduct content analysis for literature and document reviews, interview notes and other primary data files, as well as import e-survey data to ensure full evaluation data integration and analysis.


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