Evaluation of the CFIA’s Enhanced Feed Ban: Public Release of the Evaluation Report

Published on September 2 2013

The report on the Evaluation of the Enhanced Feed Ban—a project conducted in 2012 by Science-Metrix for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)—is now available online.

The Enhanced Feed Ban is part of the CFIA's response for managing bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)—commonly known as “mad cow disease”. This measure protects animal health by preventing prohibited and specified risk materials (tissues in which BSE-causing prions are concentrated) from entering the feed system. The ban is also intended to help maintain consumer confidence, and regain and expand market access for beef products by making sure that Canada kept its controlled BSE risk status from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The objective of this evaluation was to assess the relevance of the Enhanced Feed Ban and to determine whether it had achieved its expected outcomes between 2004/05 and June 2011. Science-Metrix developed a detailed evaluation framework and executed fieldwork to gather the necessary information and data. This fieldwork included a review of documents, files and available quantitative data review, as well as 60 interviews with several stakeholder groups. Finally, Science-Metrix presented the evaluation findings in a detailed evaluation report.

The report determined that the Enhanced Feed Ban remains important for protecting animal health and minimizing the risk of transmitting BSE. The CFIA clearly plays a critical role in managing the ban, but by comparison, the Agency's role in determining or expanding market access is not as well understood. The Enhanced Feed Ban's long-term effectiveness can only be assessed after 2015 given the long incubation period of BSE.

The report also proposed four recommendations to improve the program. In response to these recommendations, the CFIA has committed to:

  • strengthen the program's oversight;
  • improve how science-based policies and decisions are communicated;
  • improve the program's budgeting and financial tracking procedures, as well as how the program is measured; and
  • improve how it allocates the program's human and financial resources.

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