European Commission selects Science-Metrix to measure open access

Published on June 6 2012

Science-Metrix has just started a timely and exciting project to measure the uptake of open access publication and to summarize policies being used across the globe, encouraging the use of open access to diffuse scientific knowledge.

Open access, or free access to research results, has rapidly become an important tool for the dissemination of publicly funded research. Science-Metrix will develop precise, cross-disciplinary indicators to determine the growth of scientific literature available in open access from 2000 onwards, for single countries, European Research Area (ERA) and the world. This will allow the European Commission to assess the overall proportion and growth of research literature available in open access, for different countries and scientific disciplines.

Furthermore, in conducting a best practice analysis of open access strategies, Science-Metrix will examine national legislations, funding bodies' open access rules for grant recipients, rule enforcement and compliance by researchers and funded organizations, and incentives given. This project will provide valuable quantitative and qualitative information on the development of open access strategies, in the last decades in the ERA and beyond.