European Commission publishes the ERA Progress Report 2016

Published on February 2 2017

In 2016, the Science-Metrix Bibliometrics and Evaluation Services teams collaborated on a study for the European Commission, gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on the current state of the European Research Area (ERA). The study contributed indicators and analysis toward the production of the ERA Progress Report 2016, which has just been published by the Commission.

The Science-Metrix team examined progress towards achieving each of the priorities and subpriorities outlined for the ERA, such as more effective national research systems, transnational cooperation, issues related to gender, knowledge circulation, and open access publications. Science-Metrix’ input involved assessing the current state and recent evolution of the ERA, covering both the ERA as a whole and each of the 41 countries that compose it.

Analysts collected evidence via desk research and document review, interviews, and the compilation of quantitative data. The quantitative data primarily addressed the eight Headline indicators and 16 complementary indicators identified for the ERA Monitoring Mechanism, as well as composite scores. Together, these tools enabled the collection, organization, assessment and synthesizing of qualitative and quantitative information at the European, regional, Member State/Associated Country and organizational levels.

In addition to a final report and a series of country profiles, Science-Metrix produced the ERA Monitoring Handbook, which details the methodology involved in calculating the indicators.

Further information and PDFs of all reports are available from the European Commission's website.