David Campbell and Chantale Tippett invited to speak at Gender Summit 9 Europe

Published on September 22 2016

Chief scientist David Campbell and Senior research analyst Chantale Tippett will represent Science-Metrix at Gender Summit 9 Europe, to be held in Brussels from 8 to 9 November 2016.

David will bring his knowledge of producing the She Figures 2015 publication and Handbook to the plenary session on “Improving quality of STEM gender equality indicators,” and Chantale will chair the plenary “Developing and implementing gender equality measures for fair advancement in STEM careers.” They will join 70 speakers and 300 delegates from around the world for two days of discussions on the latest evidence showing how sex and gender issues impact on science knowledge and practice, and on the quality of innovation outcomes.

The Gender Summits were established in 2011, and have since expanded to North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. They investigate which gender equality interventions work well, why and when, and explore how the gender dimension can be effectively integrated into research and innovation. They examine evidence to promote consensus on where improvements are needed, who should take action, and how to deliver change. 2016’s Gender Summit 9 Europe coincides with important policy developments in Europe and globally that look towards science knowledge and technological innovation to create a better future for all. These include the new EU Gender Action Plan and Horizon 2020; the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the African Union’s Africa 2063 and Continental Education Strategy Africa agenda; and the OECD vision for Inclusive Innovation and Creating Our Common Future through Science and Technology. As a result, this year’s Gender Summit will open up dialogue on how an understanding of sex/gender issues in research and innovation can also ensure sustainable and effective development. More details are available via the Gender Summit 9 Europe website. Late registrations close 6 October 2016.

Science-Metrix is proud to be a supporting organization for this iteration of the Gender Summit.