CCA releases new report, bibliometric data provided by Science-Metrix

Published on April 10 2018

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has released the latest report from the Expert Panel on the State of Science and Technology and Industrial Research and Development in Canada, Competing in a Global Innovation Economy: The Current State of R&D in Canada. Science-Metrix is proud to have provided bibliometric data and analysis in support of this report.

CCA notes that the report “provides the latest data and information on Canada’s track record in fundamental research, applied research and experimental development, industrial R&D, and the relationship of these research efforts to wealth creation and prosperity through innovation.” In brief, the report uses the latest available data and evidence to examine Canada’s R&D performance and benchmark it against the performance of other countries. Science-Metrix prepared data and analysis to outline Canada’s strengths and weaknesses in S&T by analyzing a variety of scientometric and technometric indicators appropriate to Canada, its provinces and territories, and other leading countries. The data covered the period 2003 to 2014 and updated the data Science-Metrix provided for the two previous Expert Panel reports.

Read the report here [PDF]