Science-Metrix is now qualified to provide evaluation services as well as S&T data and performance indicators to the European Commission

December 2 2013 Science-Metrix is pleased to announce that it has qualified for a Framework Contract to provide services to the European Commission (EC) for the evaluation of research and innovation programs and... More »

Science-Metrix supports the Council of Canadian Academies in assessing the state and challenges related to ocean science research in Canada

November 4 2013 Science-Metrix was mandated by the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) to provide bibliometric indicators related to the Canadian performance in ocean science research as well as related sub-topics... More »

Science-Metrix presents a bibliometric study conducted for the European Commission towards increasing our understanding of returns on investment in the funding of research activities

October 1 2013 The European Commission recently published a new report from Science-Metrix on economies and diseconomies of scale in scientific production at the national and regional level in Europe.... More »

Evaluation of the CFIA’s Enhanced Feed Ban: Public Release of the Evaluation Report

September 2 2013 The report on the Evaluation of the Enhanced Feed Ban—a project conducted in 2012 by Science-Metrix for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)—is now available online. The Enhanced Feed Ban is... More »

Open access reaches a turning point: Science-Metrix presents a study on open access to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

August 2 2013 Three new Science-Metrix reports on the availability of open access scientific literature and data are now available for download. These reports highlight the faster than previously thought growth of... More »

Science-Metrix examines current neuroscience research for Campus Alberta Neuroscience

July 1 2013 Science-Metrix recently assessed neuroscience research in Alberta, Canada and the world through an in-depth bibliometric analysis conducted for Campus Alberta Neuroscience. This analysis examined... More »