Isabelle Labrosse

Administrative Director
1.514.495.6505 ext. 114

Isabelle Labrosse is the Science-Metrix Administrative Director. Previously, Ms. Labrosse also lent her highly developed project organization and administration skills to evaluations and bibliometric projects undertaken by the company. As a Senior Analyst, Ms. Labrosse has over seven years of experience in the collection and analysis of data in support of program evaluation and bibliometric analysis. She has played an important role in developing in-house techniques for survey management and data quality, and has trained many staff members in these techniques. For many years she was responsible for survey design, management and analysis for all surveys conducted at Science-Metrix, as well as the standardization of institution names and elaboration of researchers’ portfolios, two key steps of all bibliometric analyses.

Ms. Labrosse has contributed to more than 30 different projects involving aspects of government grants and contributions for federal research funding agencies (SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC). She has participated in program evaluations, leading survey components, designing data collection instruments and performing cases studies. She has also been involved in the majority of projects requiring the standardization of institutions and/or the compilation of researcher portfolios, and she also helped develop the semi-automated method now used in many Science-Metrix projects.


MSc Biochemistry, Université Laval
BSc Biology, Université Laval
Candidate for the Program in Analytics and Statistical Studies (PASS) in social sciences from the Institute for Statistics Education