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Evaluation and bibliometrics are increasingly being used to examine the effectiveness (outcomes) and efficiency of research and S&T programs, initiatives and activities. Without becoming experts themselves, managers need to understand the context of designing the most effective approach. Managers are responsible for the project.

Common questions to support the management of S&T activities

  • What has been the impact of our R&D activities?
  • How can our programs be made more effective and efficient? How can we improve our impact and value for money?
  • Is our group leading or keeping up with research trends in our S&T area? Who are our main competitors?
  • Are we collaborating with the leaders in our field? Who else should we be working with?
  • What are our strengths and weaknesses?

How we can help you

Science-Metrix works closely with our clients in designing the most effective approach and tools to address each question. This partnership means that our performance measurement and evaluation projects result in timely, relevant, and objective findings that provide clients with sound solutions in support of decision-making and help optimize resource allocation.

We offer:

  • independent yet contextually sensitive analyses
  • quantitative, comparative assessments of strengths in organizational, regional, national and/or global arenas
  • qualitative evidence on the impacts of S&T programs and initiatives
  • clear explanations of how operational and strategic objectives are/could be met
  • actionable recommendations that are adapted to the needs, size and culture of organizations