Christian Lefebvre becomes Assistant Director

March 16 2015 Science-Metrix is pleased to announce the promotion of Christian Lefebvre to the position of Assistant Director. Since starting as a senior analyst and assisting Science-Metrix with its R&D... More »

Public release of Genome Canada evaluation report

February 25 2015 Genome Canada, established in 2000, is a not-for-profit organization that invests in large-scale genomics initiatives in sectors of strategic and economic importance to Canada. It aims to strengthen... More »

Science-Metrix welcomes Werner Meier as Vice-President Evaluation Services

January 1 2015 Science-Metrix is pleased to announce the appointment of Werner Meier to the position of Vice-President Evaluation Services. Officially commencing on January 5 after several months of valuable input... More »

Science-Metrix commences two-year study on data mining for the European Commission

December 15 2014 As the world’s capacity to collect and store data from public and private sources rapidly expands, data mining provides a number of the tools needed to make sense of this wealth of information. Data... More »

In memoriam – Jean-François Bergeron (1965–2014)

November 10 2014 Science-Metrix regretfully announces the passing of Jean-François Bergeron, partner and Head of Finances and Operations of the firm. Jean-François lost his battle with leukemia after fighting... More »

Publications and the Ebola outbreak – Rapid Response from the Scientific Community!

October 29 2014 In the context of the current outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) rapidly spreading in certain Western African countries with secondary cases in the United States and Spain, Science-Metrix searched... More »