European Commission selects Science-Metrix to measure open access

June 6 2012 Science-Metrix has just started a timely and exciting project to measure the uptake of open access publication and to summarize policies being used across the globe, encouraging the use of open... More »

Science-Metrix celebrates its 10th anniversary!

June 1 2012 Science-Metrix is very proud to celebrate 10 years in business in science and technology evaluation and measurement. We take this opportunity to thank our partners and customers in Canada and around... More »

Science-Metrix and NRC release the Evaluation of the Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI)

January 2 2012 This report presents the key findings of the horizontal evaluation of the Genomics Research and Development Initiative (GRDI). The evaluation conclusions and recommendations stem from these key... More »

Science-Metrix reaches out, Fall 2011

November 1 2011 In the past weeks, Science-Metrix has had the pleasure of meeting research administrators, evaluation practitioners and researchers in the United States in in Canada. Science-Metrix also had... More »

Science-Metrix Launches the Second Public Release of its Multilingual Journal Classification

August 8 2011 Science-Metrix is proud to announce the release of the second version of its multilingual journal classification. This classification is a key part of its ‘Ontology of Science’, a freely available... More »

Science-Metrix sheds new light on astronomy & astrophysics research

August 8 2011 [PDF] - Available for download Science-Metrix is pleased to release a bibliometric study on astronomy and astrophysics research, providing an important source of information to address research... More »