Science-Metrix selected provider of bibliometric data for European Commission

Published on January 2 2011

Science-Metrix has been selected as the provider of bibliometric indicators for the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, starting in 2010 and extending to 2013. This work involves the collection, analysis and updating of bibliometric data that will be integrated into the European Commission's evidence-based monitoring system for the European Research Area (ERA).

The bibliometric indicators, maps and analyses provided by Science-Metrix to the European Commission will provide an overview on Europe's strengths and weaknesses in knowledge production across fields of science. In measuring progress towards past and current objectives, this information will also help support the coherent development of research policies for the ERA.

The analyses will focus on the scientific performance – including impact and collaboration patterns – of countries, regions, and research performers (such as universities, public research institutes and companies). The indicators produced by Science-Metrix will take into account national and sector specificities, as well as allow for a comprehensive analysis of the evolution, interconnectivity, performance and impact of national research and innovation systems in Europe.