Science-Metrix selected by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to conduct an evaluation of its $300 million Caltech Commitment

Published on June 1 2013

In 2002, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation committed to providing $300 million in potential grants to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Known as the Caltech Commitment, this funding was meant to support Caltech in advancing its position at the forefront of higher education, technological development and scientific research.

The Foundation has contracted Science-Metrix to conduct an evaluation to provide an objective assessment of the Commitment’s outcomes and impacts, and to capture lessons learned with respect to funding science research.  Importantly, the evaluation recognizes the uniqueness of the commitment, in terms of grant size, diversity and longevity, as well as the flexibility, autonomy and rapidity of the funding mechanism.

This exciting project will also encompass an emergent case study design. In this approach, neither the grants to be selected as case studies nor the exact methods to be used are determined at the beginning of the data collection. Rather, information that emerges during the evaluation will be used to fine-tune the selection of grants and specific methods to further capture research outcomes.