Science-Metrix presents a bibliometric study for the Canadian Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (CFAVM)

Published on May 6 2013

A new Science-Metrix report on the scientific production and impact of the 13 member faculties of the CFAVM, more specifically in the field of agriculture and veterinary sciences, is now available.

This report highlights the importance of this group, which has produced more than 18,000 scientific publications between 2003 and 2010, surpassing even Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (7,800 publications). This report shows a high specialisation level in agriculture and veterinary sciences for each faculty. These generally also have high levels of scientific impact, both in terms of received citations as well as for the quality of the journals in which their research is published.

Ultimately, the strength of these faculties has clear impacts at the national level. Notably, 8 of the 10 Canadian universities with the highest scientific output in agriculture and veterinary sciences host a CFAVM member faculty.

This report also presents an analysis of this research field at the international level. Canada was found to be well positioned in this field. It joins a select group of six other countries that are both highly specialised and highly cited at the world level within the 25 most publishing countries in this field.

To access the report, please use the following links:

[HTML] – Information on this CFAVM assessment
[PDF] – Full report