Evaluation of the Minerals and Metals Markets, Investment and Innovation Sub-Activity: Public Release of the Evaluation Report

Published on March 4 2013

The report on the Evaluation of the Minerals and Metals Markets, Investment and Innovation Sub-Activity (MMMII) – a project conducted in 2012 by Science-Metrix for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) – is now available online.

The MMMII Sub-Activity aims to coordinate and increase coherence for jurisdictions and stakeholders to make decisions that position the minerals and mining sector to remain competitive. The programs and activities under the Sub-Activity have the overall objective of ensuring that Canada’s resource sectors are internationally competitive, economically productive, and contribute to the social well-being of Canadians.

The MMMII Sub-Activity consists of seven divisions under two branches and select activities within two laboratories:

  • Minerals, Metals and Materials Knowledge Branch (4 divisions)
  • Minerals, Metals and Materials Policy Branch (3 divisions)
  • Projects under CanmetMINING dealing with mineral extraction and mineral processing
  • Projects under CanmetMATERIALS dealing with ecomaterials

Science-Metrix was involved in this evaluation project starting with the evaluation assessment stage. Working with NRCan, we designed a tailored evaluation approach that examined the range of knowledge, dialogue and science & technology (S&T) activities under evaluation, and met the requirement to evaluate several issues relating to the relevance and the performance of the Sub-Activity (2007/08 to 2011/12).
The evaluation drew on multiple lines of evidence, including a document review, interviews with several stakeholder groups, a focused telephone surveys of decision-makers and users of the information produced by the Knowledge Branch and Policy Branch, six case studies of CanmetMINING and CanmetMATERIALS projects and four case studies of Policy Branch and Knowledge Branch projects.

The evidence collected for this evaluation demonstrated that, through the provision of enabling and unique products and services, the MMMII Sub-Activity contributes to maintaining and enhancing a globally competitive, strong and sustainable mining industry in Canada. The information produced and facilitated by the MMMII Sub-Activity is relevant, useful and timely and facilitates decision-making for a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. In spite of this, there is limited awareness of, and access to such information and this hinders the achievement of the intended outcomes of the MMMII Sub-Activity. 

Four recommendations were therefore made to NRCan to help improve and strengthen these activities. The recommendations focused on communication; stakeholder identification, outreach and engagement; internal collaboration (within NRCan); and performance measurement.

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